Pitch your piece!

Interested in writing for us, either as a one-time poster or a recurring contributor? Email the editorial team with your pitch, outline, or draft. We’ll work with you to polish your piece for the public eye.

Anyone can pitch, regardless of gender.

We accept pieces on a wide variety of topics, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Your experiences overcoming obstacles of any type in academia
  • Mental health in academia; self-care; imposter syndrome
  • Discussions on any of the articles read in our mentoring circles
  • Outreach experiences, especially with women, kids/young adults, or other traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM
  • Experiences of dealing with harassment of any time
  • Advice (applying to grad school/post docs/jobs; negotiating; dealing with grad school in general; mentoring students in lab; etc.)
  • Op-eds on current events/politics/science policy and impacts on research & the community
  • Being a good ally (for women in STEM or any other underrepresented group in STEM)
  • Relationships with your PI/lab group; working well in a team
  • …or anything else that you feel is relevant to our goals as an organization to support and encourage women in STEM!

These pieces vary widely person to person, so our guidelines are fairly open-ended; if you are uncertain if your story is a good fit, don’t stress about it, just submit!

General guidelines:

  • We respect everyone’s privacy; names can be changed if that is a concern.
  • Length can vary; we are open to pieces as short as a few paragraphs to longer-form essays.
  • You can structure your piece however you like; it can be a personal essay, journalistic/reporting, even a list (e.g., for advice, things you’ve learned, etc.)
  • We will work together to edit your piece if you feel is could use polishing (indicate on submission form). You are also welcome to collaborate and submit a piece with multiple authors.
  • Always keep language respectful; we recognize that topics some may wish to discuss can be sensitive, but these discussions are often worth having and are productive for our community. Just be civil and professional.
  • We understand that some of these topics are very personal, emotional, and sensitive in nature; we hope to provide a safe, welcome environment for you to share your experiences.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a piece, email our editors.